Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Horsey Christmas!

Merry Christmas horse lovers!! It's that time of year when we ask for new tack for our horses than actually asking for presents for ourselves! I always love showing up at the barn after Christmas and showing off my new riding gear.

Since I celebrated Christmas with my parents last Sunday (we will be out of town visiting Nick's parents for Christmas week) I am already decked out with some *new* gear for myself and Smash! 

Here's what we got:

Fancy new Pelham -Ascot Dressage Boots* with fuzzy stuff on the inside. I already took the front boots to the barn so that's why you only see 2 here. Smash looks so good in purple.

A handmade jeweled brow band that someone was selling at the Pleasant Ridge Farm when we were there for the show. 

Winter riding gloves. 

Coordinating shirt* and riding pants* from Irideon that actually match my Ariat black and pink paddock boots really well! The little stripe on the pants also is very slimming. ooo lala!

What new horse gear gifts did you get this year?

*These products were bought on Tack of the Day.


Liz said...

I, also, was presented with a pair of winter riding gloves! Bright Red! Now, I'm ready for the cold weather. Thanks, Sara.

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